Sunday, September 25, 2016

A card and an ATC with tips!

Hello and good morning dear friends!

I'm Halak and today I'll be showing you two vastly different projects.

How are they different?
They're different in the sense that they depict two different moods.

Let's begin with the card. (Project #1)

To be honest, I dislike making sympathy cards. They make me sad. This is my second sympathy card till date.

But, there are times in life when the inevitable happens and you need to make a sympathy card. v_v

The Peek-a-boo Designs Sympathy stamp is perfect for sympathy cards and projects.

It's got a sentiment in a nice bold font and what I like about it is that it keeps things simple. No weird poetry or phrase, just a simple heartfelt statement.

The first thing I did was stencil in the background using the Leafy Delight stencil. After that stamped the sentiment and lastly, embellishments.

When you set out to make a sympathy card, here are a few pointers to keep in mind :

1. CAS is the way to go.
Clean and simple project should be your way to approach a sympathy card. The key word here is, understated.

2. Think about the colors.
In my project I've chosen the color pink because pink is associated with healing.

3. Go slow on embellishments.
Avoid overloading embellishments on a sympathy card.
A good idea would be to use matte / subtle gloss finish embellishments instead of the sparkly and attention-grabbing ones.
In my project here, I've used Enamel Dots from PABD.

Now, let's check out Project #2 :

Here's my second project. It's kinda like a blast from the past because this ATC features a prior release but in my defense, it's the very first time that I've used it! ^__^

As you can see this ATC depicts all of the things I love. It's bright, fun, happy and has oodles of glitter!

I've used the Summer Cooler stamp set by PABD for this project.

Tips :

1. In such a vibrant project, it is easy to neglect the sentiment. To avoid doing that, a good idea would be to mat it on another card base and give it some height using foam.

2. Don't be afraid of using a lot of color. As long as you remember which colors co-ordinate with each other (example : pink & blue, green & orange, pink & green etc.) you will always end up with a good result.

List of products from PABD :

I hope you liked my projects and learnt something new today.

Thank you so much for stopping by! *Hugs*

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  1. Useful tips Halak... Very useful... lovely execution too...

  2. Yes I lovex them Halak and Specially your tips !

  3. Lovely. Can I know how did you have more than one colour on the ice cream?

    1. Thank you Vimala! :) If you see the "Summer Cooler" stamp set by Peek-a-boo Designs (last picture of this post), you will notice that the ice-cream stick stamps have wavy sections on them already. So all I did was take Sakura pens in neon colors and filled up each section separately. Hope this helped! Feel free to ask any further questions by emailing me at :

  4. loved your tips , so apt thankyou!

    1. Thank you so much Seemaa! Glad you liked it! ^__^