Monday, February 29, 2016

Plaid background tutorial with cardmaking tips

Hello hello! ^__^

I'm Halak and today I'm going to be showing you a tutorial on how to create a plaid background through my first project and the second project will consist of some cardmaking tips featuring one of my favorite sets : All Occasions - Hindi.

This is Project #1

Here are the steps :

First, I took 4 designs out of the It's Plaid Time set and mounted them onto my acrylic block.

Stamped the first two designs in pink dye ink and the latter two in red.

After that, I repeated the process and that gave me 8 horizontal lines that you can see here :

As I did in my first step, the second time also I did the first two designs in pink and the next two in red.

Once this was done, I repeated the same thing vertically and ended up with this beautiful plaid design :

So pretty! ^__^ 4 designs, stamped 4 times... twice horizontally and twice vertically gave me this pattern.

I did a small portion in plaid because  I was going to use only a part of it in my project but you can stamp a larger piece of cardstock to make a bigger background.

One this was done, I hand-tore the piece, adhered half of it to red  cardstock and after that adhered the whole piece to white cardstock.

Stamped sentiment from the Bold Hugs 'N' Love stamp set, punched out a few butterflies in red and adhered them along with some pearls + sequins.

So that's how it was done. I absolutely love this plaid set because it makes some really fun backgrounds.

Now, let's move on to the second project :

Here it is, using the All Occasions - Hindi stamp set onto... textured cardstock!

Yeah, I stamped the beautiful sentiment in archival on textured cardstock. It gave me a super pretty textured look that I love!

Check out this close up :

Here's what I did :

Onto textured cardstock, I stenciled a design and stamped my sentiment.

After that, added some mulberry flowers and gave them a pearl center.

Finished it off with some sequins and matted it onto kraft cardstock.

Here are some cardmaking tips :

1. Less is more. If you want texture and do not want to over-embellish, opt for a textured cardstock.

2. Ink you stamp well and test it on a scrap piece of paper first. Once you are certain that the stamp is conditioned and will stamp well, ink it and stamp firmly on textured cardstock.

3. Do not move your hands or wriggle the acrylic block while lifting it because that will lead to a blurred impression.

4. Lastly, while making a plaid design, don't worry too much about precision et al. I used a large acrylic block without grid lines to make my pattern and had a whole lotta fun in the process!

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this and it inspired you to make something new! Till next time dear friends! *Hugs*

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    1. Thank you so much dear Sharada! ^__^ *Hugs* <3

  2. Beautiful card with clever tips n tricks !!

    1. Thank you dear Shalu! ^__^ <3 Glad you liked them!

  3. Beautiful dear Halak :) :) both are awesome & pretty in pink :)

    1. Thank you dear Pon Malar! ^__^ *Big Panda Hugs*

  4. Beautiful cards...thanks forvthe tips :)

    1. Thank you dear Deepti, glad you liked the cards and that the card making tips were useful! :) *Hugs*

  5. Beautiful cards...thanks forvthe tips :)

  6. Yes I did Enjoy reading Halak ! both of your cards have pretty backgrounds and result is lovely cards ,Thanks for the tips !

    1. Yay! Thank you so much dear Pooja! ^__^ I am glad you liked it! <3 I truly enjoy making backgrounds for projects from time to time! *Hugs*

  7. Such a fabulous tutorial !! way to go!

    Dr Sonia

    1. Thank you so much Dr. Sonia! ^__^ Glad you liked the tutorial! *Big Hugs* <3